🎥 Watch tutorial on how to start your first twine for Zoom meeting

Once you've installed twine for Zoom, you can start using it right away in your next Zoom meeting.

IMPORTANT: Ensure You're on the Right Version of Zoom & Require Users to Update

As the host, you need to be on version 5.11.0 of Zoom. This allows you to use all the functionalities of the app including inviting those without the app to experience it in guest mode. Here's how to check your Zoom version and update it.

PRO TIP: As the meeting owner, you can ensure that your guests are on the latest version of Zoom by requiring them to update their Zoom version prior to joining your meeting. To enable this setting, follow these steps.

Once you're on the right version of Zoom, start your meeting following these steps:

  1. Start a Zoom meeting and open the twine for Zoom app

    Once you've started your Zoom meeting, you will see an icon in Zoom menu bar that says "Apps". Click on the "Apps" icon and it will launch your Zoom Apps tab.

    If you don't see this button, ensure you've followed these steps to enable Zoom apps.

  2. Click on the "twine for Zoom" app to launch it.

    Once you launch the app, the home screen of twine for Zoom will open. On this page, you will see the following sections:

    • Quick Start: This section allows you to use our Shuffle mode to quickly shuffle everyone in the meeting into 3-minute rounds of one-on-on conversations until you decide to end the rounds.

    • Breakouts: This section includes our pre-designed templates that you can choose from, or you can create a new breakout using one of our four matchmaking modes.

    • Your Templates: This section is where you will see any templates you have saved.

    • Attendee Bar: This section shows you everyone that is in your meeting and their participant status.

  3. If you don't want to use one of our pre-configured templates, you can setup your own room by clicking on the yellow "+ Create New" button

  4. You will then select your mode. You can either select from one of our matchmaking modes or our map mode and start your twine for Zoom experience!

Tips + Tricks!

  • At any time you can close the current breakout & bring everyone back to the main room by this icon in the bottom right hand corner, above the attendee bar:

    This is handy if you're testing out your preferred configuration or if you plan to launch twine for zoom multiple times throughout your meeting.

  • Chat with your users! Clicking on the chat icon will reveal messaging options to broadcast to the full meeting or send direct message with participants

  • Encourage participants to use Icebreakers, found in the middle "table" icon while they're in matches.

We hope this information was helpful, but if you have additional feedback, questions, or comments, please contact us at support@twine.nyc or sign up for one of our daily office hours with our Customer Success team and they'd be happy to give you a hand.

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